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Socially Responsible

The Klydon management team is committed to a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace, to cultivate a corporate culture based on the principles of honesty, trust, integrity, performance orientation, responsibility, accountability, mutual respect and commitment to the organization and to the development and training of its employees. We aim to meet the needs of today's generation without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

Safety and Employment
  1. Safety is a core value and we aim for zero injuries. Klydon has established detailed safety policies with particular emphasis on managing contractors. We know that only by visible leadership and constant reinforcement will we achieve the goal of zero injuries. We will provide training to support the safety culture of the group.

  2. We respect all the ILO (International Labour Organization) core labor standards. Apart from providing priority to local personnel with equal qualifications in terms of education and experience, the company employs on the basis of equal opportunities and no discrimination. We will not employ child labor or forced labor. We also allow freedom of association.

  3. We expect our managers to exhibit the highest standards of behavior.

Communities upliftment
  1. We recognize that good management of community relationships is vital for the success of the Company.

  2. The South African Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) is leading a significant beneficiation thrust, aimed at ensuring that raw materials, and metals and minerals in particular, where possible, are processed in the country, providing opportunities for local employment and additional export revenues.

  3. The SA government is developing a policy whereby SA will become a hub for enrichment of minerals mined in neighboring countries thus supporting the aims of the DME stated above. Klydon is in full support of these initiatives and works closely with government and regulatory authorities to achieve these goals.

  4. Klydon's management will endeavor to pursue the same strategies in any community where we will be active in future years.

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