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Klydon is a world class technology company managed and operated on the most professional and ethical standards. The Company aspires to be at the forefront of isotope separation technology. The management believes that the new proprietary ASP Technology will revolutionize the isotope separation industry with regard to all stable isotopes. It is the aim of the directors and management of Klydon to ensure that it will become the 'benchmark' or reference isotope separation technology in the world within the next 10-20 years.

Klydon is committed to creating an environment where teams of dedicated people who are characterized by their diversity of skills and background can grow to their full potential through development, empowerment, recognition, respect and involvement in a safe and healthy working environment. Klydon respects the communities where it operates and will participate in their growth. The Company conducts its business activities with integrity and in compliance with internationally accepted principles and practices.



Driven by Demand  

Klydon has developed a truly profound technology with applications in three economically important growth markets; energy, information and medicine. All of these high growth sectors of the economy are characterised by a high adoption rate of new technology. This augers well for the marketing and acceptance of what Klydon produces.

Driven by Growth  

Klydon is advancing by taking the ASP technology to the natural gas market for the purification of gases in a time the world is seeking alternative energy supplies. And, Klydon is also bringing its innovative technology to the nuclear pharmaceutical market with its exponential growth with the production of radioisotopes.

Driven by Potential  

Klydon has the ability to commercialize the technology in a large number of areas as demand dictates. This is largely due to the high potency of its technology and the wealth of accrued experience of Klydon's scientists and engineers in research and development in the field of isotope separation and related engineering design and plant operation.


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