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Environmentally Conscious

Global Warming  

Concern over energy production and use has increased as energy conservation and global climate control have become major issues. Petroleum-based fuel is the most widely used energy source today. But depletion of petroleum reserves make alternative energy sources, such as coal, and renewable energy sources, such as biomass, imperatives. For climate control, green-house gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) emissions must be reduced during energy use. Today, maximizing fuel efficiency, finding alternative energy sources, and limiting global warming are critical in energy-producing industries.

About 40% of natural gas that is found in gas wells is not fit from a purity standard to be directly transported by pipeline or be liquefied. The ASP-Technology lends itself to environmental friendly energy production by the separation of natural gas into its individual gas compounds with the eye on methane harvesting for energy production.

ASP Technology and the Impact on the Environment  

ASP technology does not destroy its surroundings and does not add any toxic waste to it. Klydon is well aware of the negative human impact of many industries on the surroundings and can report with confidence that ASP technology does not produce any nuclear or toxic waste in pursuit of the desired products; be it cleaning up and separating of gases for energy and other purposes or pure isotope production.


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