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Advantages of ASP

The Aerodynamic Separation Process (ASP) is Klydon's proprietary technology for separating components of a gas mixture or different isotopes of a specific gaseous compound based on the mass difference of the gas components or the isotopes.

The advantages of ASP technology can be summarised as:

  • The ASP technology separates gases and isotopes.

  • The separation process occurs inside a closed cylindrical container and is a volume technology, i.e. the process efficiency is not effected by poisoning of surface contaminates as is the case for surface separation processes.

  • ASP operates most efficiently at molecular masses below 100 atomic mass units.

  • ASP easily separates hydrogen gas from other gas components, e.g. harvesting hydrogen gas from carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and altering the ratio of syngas mixture.

  • ASP is ideal to harvest helium gas from gas mixture.

  • ASP purifies natural gas.

  • ASP purifies 'sour natural gas'.

  • With the right material choice ASP handles even the most corrosive gases.

  • ASP can separate any isotopes that have a gaseous or volatile chemical compound.

  • For low volatility chemical compounds ASP is operated at elevated temperatures with great success.

  • The ASP process is easily scaled to industrial level and most of the subsystems are procured from shelf items in market.

  • The capital cost of an ASP plant is relatively low.

  • Commercial viability is achieved at small plant level.

  • ASP can separate all the medical important isotopes.

  • An ASP plant can be constructed in any country that adheres to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) protocols for the protection of dual use technology.

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