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Company History  

In 1997 a group of scientists that had played a major role in pioneering South Africa's nuclear efforts, while working under the auspices of the South African Government, formed a new private research and development company, first called Scientific Development and Integration (Pty) Ltd (SDI), which was renamed to Klydon (Pty) Ltd in 2008.

Derived from Ancient Greek:
A tempestuous typhonic wind; a surge

With government approval and the regulation of the IAEA, Klydon sought to utilize their considerable knowledge and experience in isotope separation to develop new commercial applications. The personnel compliment of Klydon today reflects this desire with the vast experience in the areas of isotope separation technology and related fields.

Klydon's proprietary technology of the Aerodynamic Separations Process (ASP) puts the company on the leading edge of secular trends in isotope separation, emissions management, semiconductor development, nuclear pharmaceuticals et al.


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