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National Analytical Forensic Services (NAFS)

National Analytical and Forensic Services, NAFS, is an accredited facility that provides clients with high quality scientific data by complying with the current Good Laboratory Practice. The scientific data results are reliable, accurate and trustworthy. As a company they strive to achieve a high standard of ethics as they are aware of the implications that the quality of their results may have on individuals and the environment.

The laboratory management and all employees are committed to ensure that ISO/IEC 17025 and cGLP standards are maintained at all times. Personnel is trained to ensure the quality standards are followed in order to meet the costumer's requirements. Client confidentiality, and the reliability and trustworthiness of the scientific data are of utmost importance.

At NAFS a rigorous chain of custody is maintained. Duplicate analyses are performed on every sample and the customers receive a dual confirmation on every analysis.

NAFS only uses contemporary, state of the art instrumentation for quality service and is partnering with global leaders in analytical instrumentation to have the best the current market has to offer for their clients.

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